When a close relative of mine became very ill, I realised there was more I should do to help individuals maintain and retain good health. It’s no secret any kind of health-related problem can dramatically affect your lifestyle; your health, after all, is the foundation that your life, family and home are most reliant on.

After moving from banking to being involved in the health and wellbeing sector, I have networked and met a tonne of interesting and diverse people - including my good friend Wayne who pulled me into the insurance sector. He saw my passion in health and linked it to my background in finance.

It was clear as day to me: Fitness and Finance = FITT 20:20. I’m no doctor, I can’t cure everyone, but if I can help you live a better life and support you when you’re down, then you may be able to keep on climbing to the top even when the days look darkest.


Wayne is sadly no longer with us after taking his own life, so I like to think FITT20:20 is as much for him as it is for you, to support YOUR mental and physical health in this ever-changing world. Since his passing, I’ve been determined to make a difference to as many lives as possible by helping to protect them with the provision of insurance solutions and educating people on ways to help improve all elements of their wellbeing.


FITT 20:20 is a business created on a combination of health, financial advice, motivation, education and inspiration.

My Journey to FITT 2020

My name’s Chris Lampitt, and as a fitness enthusiast, I’ve seen it happen over and over again…

Fitness Instructors…



And all kinds of business owners…

… Nobody wants to think anything will happen to them.


My greatest passion in life has always been fitness and health so through my new venture FITT 20:20, I’m thrilled to seamlessly tie together my interests and 10 years’ worth of expertise working in the banking sector.