Media Interview

 Mentoring & Circle of influence


As a business owner in my view, it's imperative to surround yourself with others that you can mutually help, support and build each other’s business to a new level

I enjoy a close working relationship with Big Business Events, run by mentor Adam Stott. This has led me to join a community of thousands of other ambitious and successful business owners and entrepreneurs that all support each other. I have experienced (and continue to experience) some magical business and personal knowledge while in this community and I try to share this with anyone I think it can help. As a business owner, we need to be someone that wears many hats and sometimes a suggestion can transform a business.


I have had the privilege to meet some more well-known entrepreneurs and I’ve taken inspiration and listened to what they’re doing and the journey they continue to be on.


As an individual and business owner, you should always be open and looking to learn