Insurance Broker

I can offer you advice on a wide range of insurance policies that will help to protect or secure your business, you individually or your whole family.


Corporate Insurance

Cover for life-changing conditions or if the unthinkable happens. You may be a key person in your business, or you may work with them - the fact is when a key person is unable to attend to business, it can go downhill quickly. Person Cover, Partner Protection, Cover For Life-Changing Conditions, Relevant Life policy and Loan Protection can also be included.

Life Cover

In life, nobody can be certain what will happen to them.

Your family and loved ones rely on you, so I want to make sure they’re in good hands and protected by the best, most comprehensive cover.  Income protection, Illness cover, Mortgage Protection, Later Life Care Cover can also be included.

Health Cover

The best healthcare is private healthcare. If you ever need it, you won’t have to wait in queues and will have access to the best, most professional care and recovery possible.

Fracture Cover

A bespoke insurance cover that combines life insurance with fracture cover. This is a specialised product for everyone aged 18-80 except for paid professional sportsmen or women and all for as little as £13 per month.

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